Profiles of Success: Joseph Nyodeny

In Kenya it’s really hard to go to college. Either you are really smart and win a scholarship, or you are one of the rich that can afford to pay tuition. Joseph was really smart, and worked his tail off to win himself education in Nairobi, hours away from his small village in western Kenya.

Unlike most individuals, who once they have an opportunity to further themselves seize that opportunity and remain in Nairobi, Joseph returned to his village, Got Kotchola, and started working with an international NGO serving his region. He wanted to use his talents to make a difference for others like himself. As his intelligence and ability became apparent, he eventually took over all the finance and computer issues of the international nonprofit.

When we met him in 2010 his dream was to start a village bank. Joseph wanted to give opportunities to others in his village who he knew could improve their lot in life if only they had a chance. We partnered with Joseph to start Our Future in Kenya, and with just a few thousand dollars and a computer he launched his small savings and loan organization.

With persistence, and dedication, he has grown his portfolio to now lend to over 300 individuals in every village in his region, and is now the largest savings and loan provider in his area. He hopes to expand, as he knows that other nearby villages could benefit from his organization as well.  His story shows the power of hard work, and how decisive action when faced with an opportunity are at the heart of many a man’s success.