We help social entrepreneurs change the world.


Our mission

To help social entrepreneurs succeed in making a lasting difference. 

Our vision

Our vision is a world where everyone is living a life they love, passionately in line with their life’s purpose, and is supported to make the difference they are out to make in the world.

The Angels for Angels Way

As an organization we value integrity, responsibility, authenticity, generosity, and passion. It’s how we do things.

We find our passion in helping others live their passions to change the world.

We look to support social entrepreneurs, organizations, and initiatives that meet the following criteria:

  • Social purpose-driven (You exist to make a difference and have a clear public benefit)
  • Locally-led (You have intimate knowledge and experience of the community you are serving, and you have the support of the community, as well)
  • Sustainable (Your business model is sustainable)

We like to ask ourselves questions, like: if we could do anything, and time and money weren’t an issue, what would we do? The answer: Help people all over the world.

This organization was started around that question and answer, and we invite you to answer that question for yourself. And if our answers align, let’s partner and live the life of our dreams today.

True and lasting development comes from within, inspired and led by the community itself.”
— Mikel Samaniego, Angels for Angels founder