Angels for Angels offers fiscal sponsorship to social entrepreneurs around the world.

We look for organizations and initiatives like you that transform communities through locally-led and sustainable social projects.



Fiscal Sponsorship Overview

If you’re looking for a fiscal sponsor to help get you moving as soon as possible, Angels for Angels may be a great fit for you. If you want to start making a difference now, and not have to worry about the headache of setting up your own 501(c)3, fiscal sponsorship is often the right solution.

Through our fiscal sponsorship program, Angels for Angels:

  • Receives and accounts for all your contributed income and non cash donations (allowing your organization to start benefiting from taxable donations right away) and issues receipts to donors according to applicable IRS regulations.

  • Provides advice on starting, running, and scaling a nonprofit or social enterprise

  • Prepares 1099 tax forms for contracted personnel as required by the IRS

  • Provides an online profile of your organization with link to your website, along with a “Donate” button you can use to start receiving online donations

*Any earned income (i.e. fees, ticket sales, merchandise, etc.) remain the responsibility of the group and cannot be directed through Angels for Angels.



Angels for Angels Fiscal Sponsorship is limited to organizations and initiatives that meet the following criteria:

  1. You are clearly aligned with Angels for Angels mission

  2. You have a clear social purpose (You exist to make a difference and have a clear public benefit)

  3. Your initiative is locally-led (You have intimate knowledge and experience of the community you are serving, and you have the support of the community, as well)

  4. Your initiative is sustainable (Your business model is sustainable)

  5. You have a projected revenue of at least $3,000


Costs of Fiscal Sponsorship

Application Fee: Free

One Time Setup Fee: $100

Business License Fee: Licenses vary, but each organization is required to secure a business license from the City government in which they are based.

Service Fee: 7% of all revenues received by Angels for Angels.

Merchant Fees: All merchant fees will be passed on directly to the respective organization.

Close Out Fees: $50 one-time close out fee when closing out an account with Angels for Angels.


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